May 26 - 28
International conference at UNI-BL
AgroRes 2022 (Trebinje, BiH)
April 2022
Joint research experiments and studies at UNI-BL and UNSA
June 2022
The 2nd stakeholders meeting at UNSA
(Sarajevo, BiH)
July 2022
The second summer school at UNSA (Sarajevo, BiH)
September 2022
The second advanced training course at CSIC (Zaragoza, Spain)
2nd stakeholders meeting

Promotion of sustainable agricultural practices to water managements in BiH

20th of June, 2022

Sarajevo, BiH

Fertilization of BL 43 maize hybrid in the V6 development stage at the Experimental Educational Center Aleksandrovac

May. 9 2022 - Experimental Actvities

Second year of the experimental activities has started at Aleksandrovac (UNI-BL)!

In scope of the Horizon 2020 project "Promoting SMART agricultural WATER management in Bosnia and Herzegovina" - SMARTWATER activities,...

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promoting smart agricultural water management in bosnia and herzegovina

What’s smartwater?

SMARTWATER project aims to boost adoption of smart water management techniques in BiH agriculture, in order to address issues like climate change and drought, that prevent national agriculture improvement.

To do so, SMARTWATER will operate on the high educational system of University of Banja Luka (UNIBL), promoting twinning activities with other international bodies and reinforcing networking, research and S&T cooperation capacities.

Funding authority

European Union, European Commission

36 Months

From January 1th to December 31th 2023

6 partners

International research agronomic institutions and one IT company

project partners

News & events

CATCHaCORN: the corn picking competition

CATCHaCORN: the corn picking competition

The competition will be held at the experimental site of the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences in Butmir, Ilidža municipality. The idea is for all participants to form teams of four people, choose a team leader and a spare member. The competition is open for...

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The first summer school within the SMARTWATER project!

The first summer school within the SMARTWATER project!

The SMARTWATER project is organizing the first of the three planned summer schools in scope of the project activities. The first summer school will be organized on the topic of the Integrated approach for agricultural water management. The Faculty of Agriculture of...

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