First of all, I would like to thank the European Commission in financing the project, as well as all the members of the SMARTWATER project, who gave me the opportunity to study at the CIHEAM IAMB Bari Institute

I feel excited and proud at the same time, that I can call myself a student of an institute like CIHEAM-IAMB. Although I have been here for a relatively short time, only two months, I have had the opportunity to talk one-on-one with faculty members who are the top experts in their fields. I really liked the lectures, we also applied everything that we learned theoretically and practically, whether it was a field visit or a laboratory work.

The practical part will certainly contribute to the development of my professional career, because what is seen will remain forever.

Each subject consists of a practical part that is included in the final grade and in which we students can show how much we have learned by attending classes in a particular field. The CIHEAM Bari Institute has access to very high quality sources of online literature, which was a big plus for me as a student because I did not have access to a large amount of literature in English before. The lectures are quite different from the University of Sarajevo, but they are equally high quality and interesting in their own way.

Of course, diversity is just an additional motivation to learn and overcome new challenges. After some time and summarizing your impressions, you begin to understand how important this experience is, how much your personal view of the world around you changes.

I understand that many students are suspicious and afraid, thinking that they would not have time for social life. I managed to successfully complete all my previous obligations related to studying, while I continued to maintain an extremely good social life and learned a lot both inside and outside the Institute.

In addition to the experience of acquiring new knowledge in the field of the chosen profession, I had the experience of getting to know different cultures of other nations.

All students are very open and I like how we all functioning together because people here are chosen based on what their personalities are like. From personal experience, I can say that studying at the Institute helped me to improve my communication in English as well as communication skills with other people.

From the point of view of my professional career, I think that many doors are already open for me.

However, it all comes down to ourselves whether we will take advantage of the opportunities that are provided to us throughout life. Where I will be after graduation I am not sure, but I know that I will always have people around the world who I can rely on for help or cooperation.