Capacity building for research 

The  objective  of  this  work  package  is  to  improve  scientific  knowledge and  skills in sustainable agricultural  water management  of  researchers  of  the  coordinating  institution and  other  scientific  institutions  of  the  applicant  partner country. 

While researchers will be primarily targeted, other actors in the knowledge value chain will be addressed in one of the activities. Early stage researchers will be primarily addressed in this WP, with specific quotas for each activity. WP2 will contribute to build scientific excellence and innovation capacity of the concerned research institution in BH. 

Measures to achieve this objective will include advanced training courses, Master of Science program, summer schools and R&I funding workshops. 

    Main Tasks

    • Task 2.1: Advanced training courses (Task leader ISA-LEAF, Participants: UNI-BL, CIHEAM-IAMB, CSIC, UNSA) 


    • Task 2.2: Post-graduate Master of Science fellowships (Task leader: CIHEAM-IAMB; Participants: UNI-BL, CSIC, ISA-LEAF, UNSA). 

    • Task 2.3: Summer schools (Task leader: UNI-BL; Participants: All) 

    • Task 2.4 Workshops on funding opportunities and proposal drafting (Task leader: UNSA, Participants: All)


    Partners involved

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