SMARTWATER project team presented the SMARTWATER project at the online Cluster meeting “Sustainable Agriculture and natural resources” organized by European Research Executive Agency (REA) on May 20, 2021. 

The projects that belong the H2020 program “Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation” in the domain of sustainable agriculture and natural resources have been presented. The presented projects are funded in H2020 program and coordinated in Widening countries, which are identified as “low R&I performing” countries. 

In this sense, 15 Member States, 12 Associated Countries, and 3 different actions as Twinning, Teaming and ERA Chairs were included together with the key projects related to this scientific area, such as COST projects and projects in the domains of Societal Challenge 2 (H2020) and Cluster 6 (HE).  

More than one hundred participants joined the meeting and more than 30 projects were presented in three parallel sections. 

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Short project presentations were held in 3 breakout sessions in the following topics: innovative technologies in agriculture, sustainable management of natural resources and implementing new practices, policies and cooperation. The Project Coordinator, Mihajlo Marković and team members, Nataša Čereković and Đurađ Hajder, participated at the meeting. 

The SMARTWATER project was presented in the first section, called Innovative technologies in agriculture, where the Project Assistant, Nataša Čereković gave a short overview about the SMARTWATER project activities as the main information, partners, project duration, objectives, methodologies, expected impacts, achievements, future activities and expertises.

The meeting has been organized by REA/C3 (Widening Participation) in close collaboration with RTD/A (ERA Governance and Implementation) and with contributions from DG AGRI and several external speakers. 

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During the discussion, the networking in the field of sustainable agriculture and linked natural resources has raised up. The importance of the topics and knowledge development needs have been discussed. The European Union research policies and upcoming opportunities were presented to all participants.  

The main objective of the meeting was to create and join the projects network, exploring opportunities, expanding network and to develop potentials in the specific domains such as sustainable agriculture and natural resources.