Communication & dissemination

Work Package 5 will cover communication and dissemination of activities and results within the consortium, among the stakeholders network and with the civil society. It will support circulation of information, knowledge and data exchange, awareness raising and facilitate exploitation of project’s results through means designed for the different target audiences.

WP5 aims to ensure that all the expected impacts of the twinning activity are duly disseminated through an effective communication strategy.

    Main Tasks

    • Task 5.1: Implementation  of  the  project  website  and  creation  of  the  project  digital identity  (Task  leader:  SYS, ParticipantsAll) 

        • Task 5.2: Communication and dissemination plan and standards (Task leader: UNI-BL, Participants: CIHEAM-IAMB, SYS, UNSA) 


        • Task 5.3: IT (web and mobile) dissemination platform (Task leader: SYS; ParticipantsAll) 


        • Task 5.4: Preparation and dissemination of the promotional and training material (Task leader: UNI-BL, Participants: All) 


        • Task 5.5: Developing public digital information and knowledge base focusing oresearch collaboration, and geographic/thematic aspects (Task leader: UNI-BL, ParticipantsAll) 


        • Task 5.6: Organization of the international workshop (Task leader: UNI-BL, ParticipantsAll)


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