In scope of the current SMARWATER project joint experimental study activities, a fertilization has been performed last month at the Butmir location (University of Sarajevo).

The fertilization was performed on Friday June 25th with a KAN fertilizer. This is the first fertilization treatment in V6 crop growth stage and the next fertilization will occur in V14 crop growth stage.

Experimental activities are active on the weekly basis, and on the field there are soil and crop development sampling. .

As part of the experiment in Butmir, there are 9 plots, with three different irrigation treatments and one nitrogen applications. There are also plots with a reference grass included.

A meteorological station was set up in the immediate vicinity of the experimental plots in order to monitor meteorological parameters.

The meteorological station has been connected to the BlueLeaf platform that will help following the crop water requirements on the field.

Irrigation needs calculations are based on the water balance method and daily climate data monitoring.

During the first part of the vegetation, from May 7 until June 16, there were a total of 74 mm (L/m2) of precipitation. For the full irrigation treatment an additional 120 mm has been applied, whereas for the deficit irrigation half of the amount was applied (60 mm).

As you can see from the picture, non-irrigated maize is under stressful conditions, while fully irrigated maize responded very well to the irrigation. Already at this early stage, the height difference is greater than 50 cm!