In scope of the current SMARWATER project joint experimental study activities, a fertilization has been performed at the locations of the Experimental Educational Center Aleksandrovac (University of Banja Luka).

The fertilization was performed on Friday June 5th, 2021 with an ammonium nitrate (33 % N) fertilizer, using two different amounts for two treatments, 25.2 kg/ha and 50.4 kg/ha, respectively

This is the first fertilization treatment out of two treatments that have been suggested during the vegetation period.  

Experimental activities will be followed by the measurements of various soil and plant parameters. As part of the experiment, there are 18 plots, with three different irrigation treatments and two nitrogen applications. There are also 3 plots with reference grass included. 

A meteorological station was set up in the immediate vicinity of the experimental plots in order to monitor different climatic parameters. 

The meteorological station has been connected to the BlueLeaf platform that will help in the following of the crop water requirements on the field. 

For this experiment, a drip irrigation system will be used. 

At the moment, in BiH, there is no evidence of scientific research using a drip irrigation for the maize cultivation. Therefore, the proposed joint experimental activities at both locations, Butmir (UNSA) and Aleksandrovac (UNI-BL) could help farmers to understand the need of irrigation in the different regions of BiH. More specifically, the knowledge obtained during this research could help to understand which of the maize development stages are the most important regarding the irrigation needs 

The joint research activities will help to understand the effect of drip irrigation in maize cultivation and its contribution to the maize production.