This year’s corn picking competition had the opportunity to host 19 teams. Each team had 4 members (3 participants and one reserve member). The participants came from a range of different fields such as: biotechnical faculties, medicine, art academy, philosophy, as well as high school students from Sarajevo, Gradačac, Busovaža and Zavidovići. 

One article in online  Agroklub magazine, even named the competition an agricultural triathlon. This is because the competition took place in three disciplines:


? PumpkinHUNT

? BasketCORN

CATCHaCORN was the first part of the competition, where, like last year, participants competed in the speed of picking corn. The second event, PumpkinHUNT, involved participants searching for hidden pumpkins in cornfields. The third event, BasketCORN, was actually a precision test,  where competitors were throwing corn cobs into a basket.  

Of course, this competition was not without adequate prizes either.

?The first place and a cash prize in the amount of 800 KM was won by the team “Sijuksi” from the Faculty of Agriculture and Food.

?Second place, with a cash prize of 500 KM, goes to the “Agro Party” team, also to the participants of the Faculty of Agriculture and Food.

?The third place went to the members of the team “Trio fantastiko” from the Technical High School in Zavidovići, with a prize in the amount of 200 KM. 

During the breaks between the disciplines, the participants had the opportunity to enjoy music and socialize. The event also included cooking the traditional corn dish “pura” which was served along with a standard snack consisting of sandwiches and various types of refreshments. 

The great interest in this competition as well as the satisfaction on the faces of all present are a good incentive to organize the competition next year!