Networking and knowleadge sharing 

The objectives of this work package are to improve the potential of the Bosnian research institutions (particularly Early Stage Researchers) to be part of larger international scientific networks and to increase their research impact in the scientific community of agricultural water management. This will be done by 

  • strengthening their international research networks,
  • providing technical assistance and expertise to establish new experimental/demonstration sites to promote innovations and best practices in agricultural water use,
  • fostering new collaborations through the exchange of researchers/scientists,
  • developing a joint strategy and for high impact research and dissemination (science and industry). 

Specific quotas have been established for the participation of ESR in the different tasks of this WP.

Main Tasks

  • Task 3.1: Building collaborative research network in sustainable agricultural water management (Task leader CIHEAM-IAMB, ParticipantsAll) 


  • Task 3.2: Joint research experiments and studies (Task leader CSIC; Participants: UNI-BL, CIHEAM-IAMB, ISA-LEAF, UNSA) 


  • Task 3.3: Exchange of scientists and research staff (Task leader ISA-LEAF, Participants: UNI-BL, CIHEAM-IAMB, CSIC, UNSA) 


  • Task 3.4: Elaboration of and presentation of resultsscientific publications (Task leader ISA-LEAF, ParticipantsAll) 


Partners involved

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