How education can save the world (drop by drop): increasing Bosnia Herzegovina agriculture growth through ICT technologies and sustainable agriculture water management techniques.

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The problem

Bosnia and Herzegovina agriculture is mainly based on rainfed cultivation and the semi-arid mediterranean climate limits productions.

Plus, climate change is heavily affecting BiH agricultural improvement. That’s why is very important developing new agronomic strategies based on smart tools and latest discoveries in smart agriculture. The path to improve national agriculture runs through education and scientific research, is very important to reinforce research and networking capacity of scientific bodies of BiH. 

Reinforce networking, research and S&T cooperation capacities of the University of Banja Luka (UNI-BL) and University of Sarajevo (UNSA) and  increase their competency and fund rising skills for a successful participation in the European Union (EU) Research Programs. 

University of Banja Luka (UNIBL) and University of Sarajevo (UNSA) are leading scientific organizations from BiH, dedicated to research on water resources management in the agricultural sector.

UNIBL and UNSA will act in the tight collaboration with three national institutions:

  • Federal Agricultural Institute of Sarajevo,
  • Federal Agro-Mediterranean Institute of Mostar
  • Advisory Service of the MAFWM.

The solution

Project outcomes

  • Enhance the capacity building and human resources development of UNIBL and other BiH institutions;
  • Strengthen networking between UNIBL, EU Institutions and other BH and Balkan Institutions;
  • Setting-up a smart scientific strategy in the field of sustainable agricultural water management, for stepping up and stimulating scientific excellence and innovation capacity of UNI-BL and other BH Institutions;
  • Adoption/accomplishment of an effective smart communication/dissemination strategy for adequate promotion of twinning activities and ensuring the expected impacts at regional, national, EU and global level

work packages 

activities & tasks


capacity building for research


strategy for sustainable agricultural

communication & dissemination

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