SYSMAN P&S is an Italian ICT company, founded in 1994 that mainly operates in the Center-South of Italy, that employees circa 30 people (project managers, software and electronic engineers, analysts, programmers, technicians and other specialists) distributed in three headquarters: one in Rome and other 2 in Apulia Region located in Bari and Mesagne (Brindisi). SYSMAN operates on three different business areas:

  • ICT services: On-Site and remote support for hi-end Hardware and System Maintenance such as large server farm with storage and network devices.
  • Vertical software development using innovative technologies such as data integration, web development and cloud computing, designing optimized solutions in terms of operational efficiency and flexibility.
  • R&D activities focus on designing new products, services and features, in collaboration with major Italian Research Institutes (University of Bari and Lecce, CNR, IAMB, CETMA and more).

During the last 20 years, SYSMAN worked mainly in the Digital Agriculture and meteorological field. SYSMAN R&D activities focus on Cloud technologies and Decision Support Systems manly for Digital Agriculture, Industry 4.0, E-healthcare and Agrifood.

SYSMAN is certified to SA8000, ISO 9001:2008 e ISO 14001:2004.

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Expertise gained within research projects unite with 20 years old experience in technology development for Agri -food has been exploited in Bluleaf®, a DSS (Decision Support System) designed to help farmers in their everyday field activities, especially irrigation, fertilization, quality control in pre and post-harvest and illness control.


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Related tasks

communication & dissemination

Sysman is the coordinator of the WP5: Communication and Dissemination.

Sysman will be coordinating:

  • T 5.1 Implementation of project website and digital identity
  • T 5.3 IT (web and mobile) dissemination platform.

 Sysman will cooperate in:

  • T 5.2 Communication and dissemination plan and standards
  • T 5.4 Project promotion and training material
  • T 5.5 Developing public digital information and knowledge
  • T 5.6 Organization of international workshop

Team members

Erminio E. Riezzo

Erminio E. Riezzo

PSG member

Luigi Capodieci

Luigi Capodieci

WP5 Coordinator

Claudia Piccolo

Claudia Piccolo

WP5 activities support

Giulio D'Amato

Giulio D'Amato

Development activities manager

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