Last week, on October 24, 2021, the Faculty of Agriculture and Food of the University of Sarajevo had a unique opportunity to host the first student competition in harvesting agricultural crops.

This is the first competition of this type in the Balkans. The competition was organized as part of the SMARTWATER project, in cooperation with the Faculty of Agriculture and Food, University of Sarajevo and the Association of Students of the Faculty of Agriculture and Food (ASPPF).

A total of 17 teams from 13 different faculties applied, which made more than 60 participants. Interestingly enough the participants were applying from many different academic backgrounds, ranging from students of mechanical engineering, pedagogy, medicine, law, political science to the music academy. Of course, the majority of applicants were from the field of agricultural sciences.

The Student Association emphasizes that they were especially pleased to have had the opportunity to host colleagues from Čačak who are on a student ERASMUS project exchange at the University of Sarajevo this semester.



Competitors, although a bit tired but cheerful, said that they were especially glad to have had the opportunity to attend an event like this, and are looking forward to similar events in the future.

During the competition, students harvested more than 1.5 tons of corn.

After both phases of competition were finished, whereas the first one consisted of measuring the speed of harvesting corn, and the second one measuring the speed of threshing corn, prizes were awarded for the first three places won in the amounts of 200, 100 and 50 km respectively.

The first place was won by the team Eliminatori from the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences. The second place went to the Preljina selo team consisting of students from Čačak, and the third place went to the students of the Faculty of Agriculture and Food from the Zea Mays ZSS team.

The organizers emphasized how this or a similar competition could become a tradition.