After the great success of last year’s CATCHaCORN, this year the Faculty of Agriculture and Food of the University of Sarajevo and the Association of Students of the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences are organizing a competition in harvesting crops.

The competition will be organized at the experimental site of the Faculty of Agriculture and Food in Butmir, Ilidža municipality.

Students of any university or study cycle, as well as fourth-grade high school students from all over the world, can apply for the competition!

All those interested in participating should form a Team of three (3) persons who are not more than 27 years old. It is necessary to choose the team leader and two standard members and one spare team member. Additionally, the team must have a defined NAME.

If you participated in CATCHaCORN last year, you can apply this year as well.

? Date of the competition: 22.10.2022.

The competition will consist of three parts where teams compete in :

? speed (CATCHaCORN),

concentration (PumpkinHUNT)

accuracy (BasketCORN)

A detailed description of the competition will be sent to all registered teams later. 

All registered competitors who appear at the event receive a certificate of participation, the best cup for the place won, as well as an appropriate cash prize, i.e. 800 KM for the first place won, 500 KM for the second place and 200 KM for the third place!

We have also prepared consolation prizes for competitors from fourth to tenth place.

In addition to a hot meal and tea, a professional DJ will warm us up during the competition! In case of predicted rain, the competition will be postponed to the next or another day.

The number of places is limited, so hurry up to register!

? Register here:

The activity was created as a result of a research experiment set up as part of the SMARTWATER project.

If you have any questions about the competition, feel free to contact us at the following e-mail: