This scientific exchange aims to facilitate research collaboration among the researchers, particularly to analyse data from the experimental plots in Sarajevo (Butmir) and draft a research paper on the use of remote sensing in agricultural water management. Also, another research proposal was initiated, to assess determinants of innovation acceptance among the farming population in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The five-day scientific exchange was designed to provide an opportunity for participants to work together, discuss, and facilitate research activities. During their stay, the participants had the opportunity to visit many companies, among which two highly innovative companies stand out: Florineve and Westfalia Fruit Iberia. Florineve is a company specialized in producing high-quality horticultural products, where participants were able to learn from leading experts about irrigation techniques used to ensure the best quality products. The second field visit was to Westfalia Fruit Iberia, a company specializing in avocado production. Within this company, avocado production is organised at 200 ha and participants once again had a chance to hear from leading experts, about how production is organized and how a fully automatized and optimized irrigation and fertilization system is developed. It should be mentioned, that both companies are producing on poor quality soils (sandy soil) where appropriate irrigation techniques have to be implemented to conserve/optimize water usage and ensure high-quality products.

All the activities were pursued in the scope of the ongoing H2020 Twinning project SMARTWATER – Promoting SMART agricultural WATER management in Bosnia and Herzegovina.